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<em>Cricket</em>, September, 1973 masthead

Cricket, September, 1973 masthead

In September, 1973, the pilot issue of Cricket was rereleased as Volume 1, Number 1, honed by newly hired designer John Grandits.

Editorial staff included Editor-in-Chief Marianne Carus, Senior Editor Clifton Fadiman, Art Director Trina Schart Hyman, Contributing Editor Sandra Greifenstein, and Assistant Editor Marcia Leonard. Layout was provided by Nancie West Swanberg.

The most obvious difference from the pilot issue is the abandonment of hand lettering in the table of contents. In Celebrate Cricket, Trina Schart Hyman explains that hand lettering made the magazine "too homemade-looking," and that John Grandits resolved the issue in his redesign. 

<em>Cricket</em> pilot redesign

Comparison of the Cricket pilot issue with the September, 1973 issue redesigned by John Grandits


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