Kaye Webb, Founder of Puffin Books

Kaye Webb

Kaye Webb

A British television personality and director and editor of Penguin Publishing in London, Kaye Webb founded and edited Puffin paperbacks and Puffin Post, a quarterly children's magazine. Before joining the Cricket Editorial Advisory Board, she served on the board for Open Court Textbooks and sparked Marianne Carus's idea to create a children's magazine in the United States like Puffin Post.

Born in 1914, Webb was editor of the Elizabethan, another children's magazine, before becoming editor of Puffin Books in 1961. In 1967, she founded the Puffin Club, which she ran until 1981, and served as editor of Puffin Post from 1967 to 1989.

In a recent interview [Hamilton-Brehm, 2018], Marianne Carus recalled Webb's influence on Cricket:

"Kaye Webb was the British one that actually gave me the idea of doing a magazine, because she did a magazine in England. And it was very funny. She didn’t believe in margins, you know? ... She had something in all the margins, some characters or some funny things. ... She was very successful."


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