Marcia Leonard, Editor

Marcia Leonard served as first reader, proofreader, reprint permissions editor, and editor for Cricket. She joined the staff at their La Salle headquarters in 1972 after answering an advertisement in the Boston Globe for the position of Assistant Editor. She had just earned a degree in children's literature, and had minimal exposure to publishing from a summer school Publishing Procedures course at Radcliffe. Cricket founder Marianne Carus taught her line editing and other tools of the trade, ultimately promoting Leonard to Managing Editor. Although Leonard had initially committed only a single year to the enterprise, she remained for six, fondly recalling the camaraderie of co-workers John Grandits, Charnan Simon, Susan Sinnott, Tom Kazunas, Trina Schart Hyman, and Dilys Evans. Leonard later authored more than one hundred children's books.


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Cricket Media records, 1960-2018, Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center