Elena M. Sliepcevich Papers

Painting of Elena M. Sliepcevich
Anonymous watercolor portrait of Elena M. Sliepcevich

Elena M. Sliepcevich papers, 1919-2008 | Southern Illinois University Special Collections Research Center

A prolific writer, researcher, and patient educator, Dr. Elena M. Sliepcevich was widely recognized as Director of the School Health Education Study (SHES) before serving as a Professor at Southern Illinois University (SIU). National in scope and extending over a decade from 1961 to 1972, SHES was the largest and most comprehensive curriculum development project in the history of the profession. It was the only national curriculum created without federal funding. Nearly half a century later, the ten conceptual areas identified by the study continue to serve as the basis for most Health Education curricula and school health-related scholarly work.

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