Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre: Key Leaders Collections

Peter Cortese
Dr. Peter Cortese

The Elena M. Sliepcevich Key Leaders Collections in the Special Collections Research Center of Morris Library contain historical documents, including interviews, photographs, and other artifacts in Health Education about the entire profession, in general, and the Department of Health Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, specifically. Additions are made based on their consistency with the Mission of the Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre for Health Education Studies. Policies and resources required to develop an SCRC collecting area also are part of this review to ensure the richness of primary documents available for use with curricula, research, and scholarly work. Click HERE for more information.

The Centre is also creating a collection of personal and professional stories about key leaders as a resource for future generations.

If you have a story, please SHARE YOUR STORY HERE!

Stories will appear in the Memories section of the Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre for Health Education Studies website.