HED 491, Health Education Strategies, Service Project/Course Capstone Assignment, Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale, Illinois

Bethany Carriger at BGCC
Bethany Carriger photographs a student at BGCC
Justin Allen with student at BGCC
Justin Allen enjoys a student presentation at BGCC

HED 491, Health Education Strategies, was a required class for undergraduate Health Education majors at SIUC. This course was designed to examine various teaching methods and strategies needed to provide effective Health Education in our diverse, complex world. Discussion included areas of responsibility and resources for all settings in which Health Educators practice. Emphasis was placed on developing competencies essential for application in professional practice. In addition to in-class activities, students participated in several community-based “hands-on” service experiences. Dr. Judy C. Drolet was the course instructor in Fall 2007. She designed the capstone experience for the class in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale (BGCC). Students, working in teams, developed, implemented, and assessed age and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies that incorporated personal and social skill development (e.g., making positive choices) with health-related content (e.g. nutrition and healthy meals/snacks) for children at the BGCC. These photographs captured one day of a week-long collaboration with BGCC.