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Black and white portrait photograph of Cricket Editorial Board member Walter Scherf, provided to Marianne Carus in 1972 for publicity. An author of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, songs, and translations for children and young adults, Scherf…

Black and white passport photograph of Cricket Editorial Board member Virginia Haviland, provided to Marianne Carus in 1972 for publicity. A teacher of children's literature, Haviland founded and headed the Center for Children's Literature at the…

Viking ship sketch on a receipt notification postcard returned to M. A. Hocking from illustrator Jan Adkins, dated January, 1990.

Photograph of the view from inside Cave-In-Rock.

Photograph of natural environs in the Saline County, Illinois.

Color photograph showing a van used to move the Elena M. Sliepcevich collection from Oklahoma to Illinois.

The Light That Shatters Darkness #2.jpg
Bond bio, Horrell photo, Bond poem

Photograph of the tinclad Union gunboat USS Rattler.

Black and white photograph of the USS General Bragg (1862-1865), probably photographed at Cairo or Mound City, Illinois, circa 1862-63. Two small tugs are fitting out at left. USS Maria Denning (1861-62) is offshore at right.
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