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Albert B. Prescott reaches out to Mary Hegeler Carus and asks for her assistance in order to revise the Directory of "Practicing Chemist and Teachers of Chemistry, Graduates and Former Students of the University of Michigan."

mary and paul.jpg
A rare picture of Mary Hegeler Carus and her husband, Paul Carus.

Mary and her family pose for a family picture outside of their Lasalle Mansion.

Photograph of Gustave Carus and his younger brother, Alwin Carus.

Mary Hegeler Carus and her family partake in traditional party festivities.
Left to Right-
Mary Hegeler Carus, Alwin (long hair), Paula (bow in hair), Background - Mary Cunningham (baker) & Kate Kelly(maid), unknown man, Herman Carus, (Back of…

Although Mary Hegeler Carus did not like to have her picture taken, she seems to pose for one in the picture above.

This photo is of a classroom in Freiburg, Germany at the School of Mines.

A photo of three of Mary Hegeler Carus' children in front of their mansion in LaSalle, IL.
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