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A Ride for Liberty -- The Fugitive Slaves, painted by Eastman Johnson circa 1860s, depicting an African American family fleeing across country on horseback.

Fossil plant Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri from Grundy County, Illinois. Macroneuropteris is a genus of Carboniferous seed plants best known for the species Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri, a medium-size tree that was common throughout the late…

Straparollus planodorsatus (Meek & Worthen, 1860) - fossil snail from the Mississippian of Ohio, USA. (apical view; ~2.0 centimeters across at its widest)

The Maxville Limestone is the only Middle to Late Mississippian-aged stratigraphic unit in…

triceratops by Charles Knight.jpg
Triceratops illustration by Charles R. Knight, 1904.

Tullimonstrum gregarium.jpg
Fossil of Tullimonstrum gregarium from the Chicago Field Museum, studied in 2015 under x-ray at Argonne National Laboratory.

Copyprint of an engraving of H. D. Pursell's A Map of the United States of N. America in Bailey's Pocket Almanac, published in Philadelphia, 1786, from the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress. The map shows plans…

Advertisement for a publication of French law pertaining to black slaves, reading: "Code Noir ou Recueil d'Edits, Déclarations et Arrêts concernant Les Esclaves Nègres de l'Amérique, Avec Un recueil de Réglements, concernant la police des Isles…

Illustration of ammonoids by Heinrich Harder.

"Archaeopteryx", by Frederick Eric Myers, Black Walnut, White Oak, Southern Illinois University Museum.

Color illustration of Union soldiers in the foreground, some wounded and some fighting the Confederate soldiers in the background. "BATTLE OF FORT DONELSON" (printed below image). Battle took place in Tennessee, February 16, 1862.
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