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Color photograph of the state capitol of Illinois in Springfield.

Engraved illustration of a Kaskaskia Indian from a drawing by General Georges-Henri-Victor Collot, 1796.

Black and white illustration of General John A. Logan riding his horse to rally the troops at the Battle of Dallas in May, 1864. Harper's Magazine text accompanying this illusration reads:
"General Sherman's Campaign. - The Rebel Assault on Logan's…

Photograph of the Giant City Stone Fort Site, Stone Fort Road, Makanda, Illinois, by Wikimedia Commons user Dazspell in 2013. The fort is a pre-Columbian Late Woodland (600-900 C.E.) stone enclosure.

Sand Cave in Pope County crop.jpg
Photograph of Sand Cave in Shawnee National Forest (Pope, Illinois) forest (37.5°N 88.667°W; NARA geographical record).

Photograph by Wikimedia Commons user Djngsf of mushroom shaped rock formations near a hiking trail at Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest, Illinois.

Part of a cartouche from William Faden, "A map of the Inhabited Part of Canada from the French Surveys; with the Frontiers of New York and New England", 1777.

View of Pulliam Clock Tower through trees on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus, photographed by Bradley Furlow.

Photograph printed as a part of a stereograph showing a group of women kneeling and standing in formation, holding long pointed sticks or spears, forming a unit of White Mountain rangers "home guards".

Passage between rocks at Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest, photographed in 2000 by Fritz Geller-Grimm.
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