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Map showing the North American territorial gains of Spain in 1762 and Britain in 1763.

Photograph by Andreas Altenburger of Lingula anatina from Stradbroke Island, Australia, January 2008, modified by Mark A. Wilson, November 28, 2009.

Poster promoting the Civilian Conservation Corps designed by Albert M. Bender for the Illinois WPA Art Project Chicago, circa 1935.

In a famous council on April 27, 1763, Pontiac urged listeners rise up against the British. 19th century engraving by Alfred Bobbett.

Photograph by Mathew B. Brady (1823-1896) shows John A. Logan with his wife, Mary Simmerson Cunningham Logan, his son, John Alexander Logan, Jr. (born Manning Alexander Logan), and his daughter, Mary Elizabeth "Dollie" Logan, circa 1870. Logan served…

Image by Mathew B. Brady and Alexander Hesler of Stephen Arnold Douglas.

Magnolia hodgsonii (syn. Talauma hodgsonii). Original caption: "Flowering branch of Talauma Hodgsoni, with a full-grown leaf of a young tree behind, of the natural size. Fig. 1. Stamens and column of ovaria. 2. Stamen. 3. Transverse section of…

US Army 2nd Infantry button circa 1802 Fort Kaskaskia crop.tif
US Army 2nd Infantry button, circa 1802, discovered during archaeological research at Fort Kaskaskia.

Diagram showing the location of artifacts excavated from Abby Miller's house in Miller Grove.

Color photograph of the lake at Dahlonega, Georgia.
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