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  • Collection: Woodblock Prints of the Sino-Japanese War

This is a picture of a Japanese soldier going across the river alone to spy on the enemy (the Chinese). He was able to safely return to the Japanese troops. This event happened on 3 August, 1894.

The Japanese army is suddenly raided by China. There are some casualties including Captain Matsuzaki. These were the first Japanese victims in the First Sino-Japanese War.

This shows the Japanese army winning the battle and gaining access to the castle.

This is a print of the battle for Lushun at the Kanayama Mountain.

The Imperial Japanese army attacks and then occupies the castle.

Japan occupies Kinshu castle after gaining command of the Yellow Sea. Then, the imperial armies march on Lushun.

This print is a scene from the battle in Pyongyang.

The Japanese army tries to break the gate. This print is propaganda to show the strength and superiority of the Japanese army. In the text next to the soldier climbing the wall, it says how the man bravely scaling the wall is nothing but a foot…

Japan tries to take command of Phoenix Castle (part II)
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