The pyrrhic victory of the Mulligan guards in Maine


The pyrrhic victory of the Mulligan guards in Maine


Logan, John Alexander, 1826-1886; Illustrated works


The pyrrhic victory of the Mulligan guards in Maine by Joseph Keppler for Puck magazine, assailing the 1884 Republican presidential ticket of James G. Blaine and John A. Logan, and criticizing support from Frederick Douglass. The illustration shows James G. Blaine dressed as a knight, the plumes of his helmet labeled "Speakership Record, Mulligan Letters, [and] Credit Mobilier". He holds papers labeled "Aggressive Cash Campaign", and rests his left hand on the head of W. W. Phelps who is holding a sword and a battered shield labeled "Blaine’s Magnetism". Whitelaw Reid, wearing a paper hat, carries a standard that states "Moral Ideas," (crossed out) "Soap and Success!" Stephen B. Elkins presents a "Report" to John A. Logan and Blaine that states "Great Victory in Maine! Blaine Vindicated! Cost $265,000". Charles A. Dana sits in the lower right corner pouring "Personal Animosity" into cannonballs labeled "Personal Animosity, Spite, Mud Bombs, [and] Malice". Frederick Douglass holds a sign labeled "Mulligan Guards Blaine's Record" that appears to have drawn considerable enemy fire. On the left, "A. M. Clapp" turns his empty pockets inside out and George M. Robeson looks at an empty cash barrel. In the background, there is action at the "Whiskey Arsenal, Fort Cleveland, Polls, [and] Fort St. John", and casualties on the battlefield.


Keppler, Joseph



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