Regulation Maintenance and Inspection

Boiler Inspection

Boiler inspector J. L. Hennessy, Murphysboro, Illinois, stands inside the firebox of a Mikado steam locomotive and works with flue expander and flue roller to maintain flues in perfect shape required by Interstate Commerce Commission regulations as well as Illinois Central Rules. He must also tap every one of the hundreds of stay bolts in the firebox to test for possible leaks.

Illinois Central Railroad Engine Maintenance<br />

Boilermaker Paul Martin, Carbondale, Illinois (left), checks drain pan as scalding water is forced through locomotive boiler in regulation roundhouse maintenance. Locomotive car painter L. D. Trowman, Carbondale, Illinois (right), is repairing the windshield on the locomotive cab. Frequent and extensive maintenance and repair operations on steam locomotives such as these are unnecessary on diesel locomotives.