Charles S. Peirce in The Open Court Publishing Company Records, 1890-1910


Charles S. Peirce in The Open Court Publishing Company Records, 1890-1910


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Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914), deemed the "American Aristotle," is a famous philosopher and scientist of the 19th and 20th centuries. He is most well-known today as the inventor of pragmatism, yet he made important contributions to many fields, including semiotics, metaphysics, cosmology, phenomenology, psychology, astronomy, chemistry, scientific methodology, logic, mathematics, and metrology.

During the period 1890-1910 Peirce published some of his most important writings in the Open Court company’s two periodicals, The Monist and The Open Court. This in effect established a relationship that scholars recognize as the most important outlet for his mature philosophy. While submitting manuscripts to the company, he also sent letters to its owner, Edward C. Hegeler, and its editor-in-chief, Paul Carus. In their letters we learn the history of their business relations, witness the interplay between their different philosophical views, and read about the inauspicious events and financial hardships that befell one of the greatest American philosophers during his final tragic years.

The Open Court Publishing Records at Southern Illinois University Carbondale contain original hand-written manuscripts by Peirce, off-prints of articles with his hand-written marginalia, correspondence by him, and first-edition print volumes containing his publications.


Nicholas L. Guardiano, Ph.D.


Open Court Publishing Records, 1886-1998


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Nicholas L. Guardiano, Ph.D.


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Archival catalogue of Open Court Publishing Records, 1886-1998

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