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The Imperial Japanese army attacks and then occupies the castle.

This shows the Japanese army winning the battle and gaining access to the castle.

The Japanese army is suddenly raided by China. There are some casualties including Captain Matsuzaki. These were the first Japanese victims in the First Sino-Japanese War.

Albert B. Prescott reaches out to Mary Hegeler Carus and asks for her assistance in order to revise the Directory of "Practicing Chemist and Teachers of Chemistry, Graduates and Former Students of the University of Michigan."

Black and white autographed photograph of Amanda Ira Aldridge, dated July 4, 1936. The autograph reads: "Yours sincerely Amanda Ira Aldridge London July 4th 1936." Born in 1866, Amanda was the daughter of Shakespearean actor Ira Frederick Aldridge,…

Black and white photograph of Erwin Piscator at the Piscator-Bühne (theater) in Berlin on Nollendorfplatz in 1932, produced by Berlin photography studio Atelier Jacobi. The photograph may have been taken by portrait photographer Johanna Alexandra…

An Illinois Central Railroad Blacksmith cuts a metal part from an unidentified Illinois Central Railroad engine of with a cutting torch.

The Illinois Central Railroad Engine 3549, a 0-8-0 Wheel-Switcher locomotive, rests on the tracks in the Carbondale, Illinois rail yard.

The Illinois Central Railroad Engine 1536, which is a Mikado 2-8-2 locomotive, crosses a road at an unidentified location in Southern Illinois.

An Illinois Central Railroad steam engine crosses a bridge at an unidentified location in Southern Illinois.
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